photo of eFOLDi Lite mobility scooter

eFOLDi Lite

The eFOLDi Lite is one of the world’s lightest, most compact folding scooters

Its revolutionary design makes the eFOLDi Lite one of the lightest, most compact folding travel-scooters available – weighing just 37lb.  It folds and unfolds in just a few seconds and is easy to store and transport. No complex assembly is required – just unfold and go.

  • Easy to use, folding travel scooter
  • Exceptionally lightweight at only 33lb*, yet remarkably robust carrying passengers up to 264.5lb 
  • Folds with ease, fits into most car boots and is Airline safe
  • Lightweight – Portable – Compact – Robust
  • *excl. battery; weighs 4lb

We’ll come to your home and provide a FREE, no obligation demo so you can see if the eFOLDi Lite is right for you.

Rent or Purchase

You can now rent before you purchase an eFOLDI Lite!

Our eFOLDI Lite rents for 3 day minimum. Delivery or instore pickup available.

  • $175 for 3 day rental
  • $255 for week (7 days)
  • $30 for each additional day thereafter
  • $0 in-store pickup
  • $25 delivery fee (30 mile radius)

Purchase: $TBD

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Providing lightweight, folding scooters for compact travel.

eFOLDi Lite

We are happy to come to your home for a free no obligation demonstration, so you can be sure that the eFOLDi Lite is right for you.

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Lightweight, Airline Friendly, & Compact.

photo of eFOLDI Lite mobile scooter

Frequently Asked Questions

Your eFOLDi Lite weighs 33lb & eFOLDi Explorer weighs 38lbs and The battery weighs 4lb.

The eFOLDi Lite runs up to 4mph. 

The eFOLDi Explorer up to 8mph.

This depends on many factors, including conditions of terrain, slope angle, load weight and weather conditions.

The throttle is sensitive to how much you twist/push it.

eFOLDi Lite uses a push button throttle.

eFOLDi Explorer twist the throttle.

So if you don't want to go at full speed you don't have to twist/push it all the way.

This does depend upon the intended terrain and the weight of the load, but we recommend 35 PSI on each of the 3 tires for a comfortable ride in most conditions.

The battery is fitted in the footrest.

By pressing the button in the center of each wheel, which will then release it from the frame.

5 hours maximum - Do not charge for more than 24 hours.

Simply unbolt the wheel nut and remove the wheel. When done simply reinstall the wheel and its wheel nut.

Regarding terrain, the eFOLDi battery can reach up to 10 miles on a single charge.


You can drive your eFOLDi Power Chair up to the cabin doors, where you will be asked to take out the battery and keep it with you for the duration of the flight.

The eFOLDi Power Chair will be taken to a secure part of the hold by the cabin crew and returned to you when you land.

You can purchase a replacement battery here:

Lite Weight & Portable

photo of eFOLDI next to car for easy travel

Easy Travel

eFOLDi can easily fold up and fit into a compact car's trunk. The wheels can be removed easily with a push of a button for more compact storeage.

eFOLDi fits in trunk image

Easily Fits In Regular Trunk

Depending on your vehicle make and model, the eFOLDi Lite fits in just about any trunk without having to remove the wheels.

photo of eFOLDi in compact trunk of Infiniti Q60

Easily Fits In Compact Trunk

Depending on your vehicle make and model, the eFOLDi Lite fits in just about any trunk, however you may have to remove the wheels.​

eFOLDi easy storage

Easy Storage

Fold up your eFOLDi quick and easy with lite weight support.

eFOLDi easy carry on

Easy Carry On

Easily transport your eFOLDi wherever you go; trains, planes and automobiles.

photo of senior woman riding eFOLDi Lite

Easy Ride

eFOLDi is very easy to ride and handle. Easily navigate through sidewalks and other pedestrian friendly areas.

What People Think


With the eFOLDi I’m able to visit places I haven’t been able to get for a while. I’m very happy to tell people – buy an eFOLDi.

-Verified Buyer


I like the independence the eFOLDi gives me, I’m not having to wait for other people – I can go where I want when I want.

-Verified Buyer

Maggie testimonial profile picture

Maggie enjoys transatlantic trip-of-a-lifetime to the Americas with the help of her eFOLDi scooter.